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Working With Ishan Netsol

Working With Ishan

Ishan Group as a family is very young at heart, high in spirits and passionate about work. We strive to create a work environment that helps employees to reach their potential through systematic talent management. We are committed to our employees' well-being and progress. The Ishan culture emphasises learning and drives each employee to surpass his or her capabilities to 'build, innovate and excel' in any given field. We see growth as an unending voyage that challenges fresh frontiers and sets new standards of excellence.

Ishan is an equal opportunity employer. Our dynamic, innovative, high-growth environment, combined with a genuine desire to make success achievable at work and in life, translates into exceptional opportunities for professional growth for every member of the Ishan team. We are always looking for ambitious individuals interested in our exciting employment opportunities.

FAQS Ishan Netsol


When can I apply to Ishan?
You may apply any time during the year. All applications are entered into our resume database for consideration.

Do I need to have prior software experience to join Ishan?
We are a broad-based company working in hardware, software, networking and real-time systems, among others. Prior experience in any of these areas will be an asset, based on the requirements of the position you have applied for.

I did not find an opening that suits my profile or interests me; can I still submit my resume?
Resume may be submitted to us even if you did not find a suitable position. We maintain a database of resume and based on our requirement and your particulars, we refer those most eligible for openings at Ishan, as and when they arise. You can mail your resume to careers@ishanitech.biz

Are all Ishan employment opportunities listed on this site?
No. We periodically post jobs on the site.

How does Ishan select suitable candidates? The selection process for the shortlisted candidates is based on a personal interview with the HR and the department head. Normally the candidate is required to go through 2-3 rounds of interview before selection.

What does Ishan look for in a prospective employee?
Your qualifications are our primary consideration, followed by prior work experience (if required), skills possessed and your suitability for that particular position.

How long will it take for Ishan to contact me if my resume is found suitable for an opening?
If your details match our requirements, we will get in touch with you within two to three weeks.

How long will it take to know the outcome of an interview?
You will be intimated within a week's time from the date of the interview.

What are the opportunities for career progression in Ishan?
Opportunities in terms of career progression are unlimited. You have the opportunity to work on the most prestigious projects and grow with the company based on your performance and potential to shoulder greater responsibility.

What training and development opportunities does Ishan offer?
Ishan being a complete customer and employee centric organization invests a lot and technology and training to be at par with the industry standards. Our people undergo training based on the nature of their job and the responsibilities of that position.

How do I find the salary range of a particular job?
Ishan salaries are competitive and based on company norms. You may enquire about the salary relevant to a particular position at the interview.

We update our job postings regularly, so be sure to visit our website again or you can also apply online.

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