About Ishan Netsol

Ishan as a data centre facility centralizes an organization’s shares IT operations and equipment for the purposes of storing, processing, and disseminating data and applications. We intend to house the organization's most critical and proprietary assets, data centres are vital to the continuity of daily operations.

Choosing Ishan as a Colocation Data Centre

  1. Racks having Un-interrupted Power and Cooling Facility with a predictable and operational expenditure model to meet the uptime SLA’s signed .
  2. Flexibility and scalability that allows additional capacity (space, power and bandwidth) to be brought on quickly, cheaply.
  3. Better access to space, power, and capacity.
  4. Gain experienced professionals dedicated to data Centre management managing your infrastructure along with an ecosystem of partners in the same facility and MMR.
  5. Lean infrastructure to manage during times of rapid business change.
  6. Resiliency and uptime obtained with best-in-class tools providing a better road map for disaster recovery.
  7. Up-to-date facility infrastructure responds to cooling, power and environmental changes.
  8. Secure facility ensures data integrity with 24/7 video surveillance, multi-layered access control.

Connectivity As A Key Differentiator For Data Centres :

Without outside connectivity, a data centre is just a building of computers that can only talk to each other.

The Data Centres is in the need to make sure that telecommunications networks can support the ever-increasing demand for speed, bandwidth, flexibility, Redundancy and simplicity.

Fibre, Carrier Neutral Data Centres, and Being On-Net – these are the terminologies we are seeing on everyday basis

Over time though, the industry evolved to building data centres with multiple Telecom/Fibre providers. We call these facilities Carrier-Neutral Data centres. This means that you are not limited to using a single telecom provider within a building, but have the option to select from the multiple providers in that building, with none having an inherent advantage offering Scalability and Value added services to the customer

Multiple-Telecom providers have gone about pro-actively creates connections with these data centres. So that when their customers show up they can get service right away. This is what it means for a fiber provider to be On-Net at a data centre. It means they are already connected and live in the building so that customers don’t have to wait for them to build out a Point of Presence (POP) there.

Remote/Smart Hands for Data Center :

IT managers usually consider remote hands services when they are leasing space from far away from their physical location. This allows them to manage their data centre without having to send technical staff to the colocation facility.

Remote hands services also allow you to handle IT operations that go down in the middle of the night or during holidays. Support issues tend to happen when we least expect them. Remote Hands services can be deployed round the clock, even when no one from your IT department is available locally at the site.

Typically, Remote Hands services differ for every colocation facility. To give you an idea, here are some of the tasks that remote hands services traditionally cover:

  • Moving or securing network cables
  • Network router and switch configuration
  • Server refreshes and reboots
  • Hardware and software replacement or installation
  • Power cycling
  • Inventory management and labelling
  • Handling shipping and receiving requests
  • Reporting on equipment performance
  • Audits

Similarly Smart Hands services include more complex tasks that need someone physically present in the colocation facility to deal with it. Some examples include setting up a firewall, managing data centre equipment, media and supply management, complex cable configurations, equipment testing, and general troubleshooting.

Due to the additional expertise required, smart services typically aren’t included in the colocation providers’ fees. Instead, Smart Hands services get billed by the hour. It is essential that organizations coordinate with colocation providers to clarify the services that are not covered.

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