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SME Internet Leased Line Ishan Netsol

SME Internet Leased Line

Over 57% of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India leverage the power of Internet for effective business operations and to generate direct business leads. In today’s competitive business environment, it is crucial to have a reliable and uninterrupted Internet connection that meets your diverse needs without adding to overheads.

At Ishan Netsol Pvt. Ltd, we provide the right solution that offers the best of both worlds. Our SME Internet Leased Lined gives you the convenience and scalability of optimal Internet usage at an affordable price.

It comes with the following features:

  • Dedicated Bandwidth: 85% of subscribed bandwidth, burstable up to 100%
  • IP Address: 1 static public IP address that helps minimize heavy tariffs
  • Speed Options: Choose your required speeds from 512 Kbps to 2 Mbps
  • IPV6 Ready: Your computer system and Internet access can now handle the latest IP version to let you stay ahead of competition
Standard Internet Leased Line

Standard Internet Leased Line

With growing demand for the Internet, organizations seek quality, cost-effectiveness and security when they purchase Internet connection. Ishan Netsol Pvt. Ltd., a premier Internet service provider with a broad network, partners with your business to provide high speed, reliable and secured Standard Internet Leased Line.

Our Internet leased line solution is most effective to meet standard and custom requirements of start ups, large organizations, SMEs, and government departments.A Standard Internet Leased Line is overall designed to provide its user, One of the best IIL Connectivity with dedicated bandwidth by best in the industry. We completely moniter the network for helping you to increase the productivity for your organization and employees. We ensure dedicated and highly secured, carrier-grade Internet connectivity that serves as the backbone of your business.

The key features of our Standard Internet Leased Line are:

  • 1:1 pure symmetric bandwidth with lower latency
  • 3 static public IP address
  • POP level dual upstream parenting
  • IPV6 ready
  • Strict adherence to Service Level Agreement for uptime
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Bandwidth On Demand once in a month, based on the type of connectivity

Get 24*7 support service to address your queries or complaints.

High Availability Internet Leased Line Ishan Netsol

High Availability Internet Leased Line

Is your organization among those where all forms of business systems and communications are online – you host emails on Microsoft Exchange or the like; your core business operations are cloud based; your office phone system is either provided over VoIP SIP trunks or hosted?

If speedier and uninterrupted Internet connectivity is critical to your business, High Availability Internet Leased Line from Ishan Netsol guarantees you superior performance and agility. High Availability Internet network is provided across a variety of different technologies and carriers to ensure that if one fails, your business operations based on voice or data would not be affected.

Key Features:

  • 1:1 pure symmetric bandwidth
  • 5 static public IP address
  • POP level dual upstream parenting
  • IPV6 ready
  • Last mile level dual POP parenting
  • Bandwidth on Demand twice a month
  • Strict adherence to SLA for uptime latency of National CDN, International Routes
  • Self help portal for usage graph, billing, and uptime information
  • Proactive monitoring and notifications
Broadband Services Ishan Netsol

Broadband Services

Ishan Netsol Pvt. Ltd. has a world-class, multi-protocol, multi-gigabit IP infrastructure via which it provides convergent and high-speed broadband services. Now spend less time streaming and more on chatting, uploading videos, sending emails, and more.

To address your organization’s Internet needs and help you gain competitive advantage, we provide one of the best broadband services in India. We are a leader in high-speed broadband services, offering comprehensive home and business solutions. When you choose our broadband plans, you choose lightning fast speed, uninterrupted performance, and reliability that redefine Internet experience.

Key Features:

  • Wide coverage
  • Quick and easy installation in almost no time
  • Download rich media files at ultra speed
  • Our dedicated broadband service ensures minimum downtime
  • 24*7 availability for technical assistance

We strive to create value for our customers, providing reliable and fast broadband connectivity through a fast and flexible approach.

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Clear Pipe Services Ishan Netsol

Clear Pipe Service

The Clear Pipe platform allows Customers to effectively defend themselves from the ever more frequent and destructive IT attacks of the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services) type. Activists of organisations such as Anonymous or Wikileaks have created enormous damage to private and public companies. The extent and the effects of DDoS attacks are often underestimated. The Cleanpipe service therefore proves to be essential in protecting customers and avoiding severe economic and financial losses.

Clear Pipe service protects the equipment and data on the Customer's premises from DDoS-type attacks carried from the outside. A DDoS attack means any attack whose purpose is to determine the unavailability of a resource (access to a service, to information). Such attacks are made against one or more “targeted” public internet addresses by as many as thousands of attacking computers or servers, which may or may not be aware of the attack, coordinated to form a network of attackers.

The service goes into operation very rapidly (from 10 minutes to a max of 1 hour) and acts in three steps:


all the traffic directed towards the customer is diverted towards a specialised network node called a security farm


the traffic is “sifted”, separating malicious traffic from legitimate traffic


the legitimate traffic is redelivered to the Customer via a protected channel (GRE, Generic Routing Encapsulation, tunnel) previously provided during the provisioning of the service between the server farm and the customer's premises.

The Clear Pipe service monitors the progress of the attack. When it ceases, the diversion is interrupted and the traffic is once again directed towards the customer's premises according to the normal IP routes.

The customer is provided with a detailed report on the duration, band size and type of attack suffered.

Provisioning of the service is extremely simple: the customer only has to provide Ishan with the list of IP addresses to be put under “protection”.

If you are interested in the service, contact us

I-mail Services Ishan Netsol

I-mail Services

We offer fully managed mail solution on a robust Cloud Zimbra platform to take care of your mission critical and highly valuable Emailing tasks. Cloud Zimbra is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution which provides organizations better flexibility and simplicity with email, contacts, calendaring and many more features incorporated within it, making sharing and document management easy. In addition, it provides mobility and desktop synchronization to users on any machine.

Benefits of Hosted Mail Services- iMail

Lower costs

No servers, software, licensing, co-location, internet nor specialized expertise to buy. For an affordable monthly fee, simply leverage our investments in systems and specialized support

Variety of Access Options

Zimbra email account is easy to access and can be accessed from multiple locations including any Web Browser. This makes it convenient for the users to access their emails, tasks, address book etc. from virtually any platform. Sleek AJAX Web Interface and easy IMAP/POP Access

Windows & MAC Support

Sync with iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Android with Mobile ActiveSync. It supports Outlook sync and Blackberry (BES).

Robust business continuity & data backup

One of the most endearing features of Zimbra is that the backend infrastructure is fully and efficiently managed, which minimizes the risk of loss of emails and other critical data during service outages. So even if the client's facilities are not available due to some reason, the employees will still be able to access their Zimbra accounts even from their mobiles or their home computers.

IP Services Ishan Netsol

IP Services

Ishan Netsol’s IP Services are designed for scalability, reliability and flexibility to help enterprises and service providers meet their most difficult challenges. It comprises of several advanced and basic building blocks that enable our clients to –

  • Manage their IP address requirements from a central hub
  • Deploy and implement a robust IP network with end-to-end connectivity
  • Offer redundancy at key network connectivity points
  • Control the IP address plan used across the network

Key Features:

Key features of our IP Services are –

  • IPV4 and IPV6 offerings
  • We are national level A service provider with multi-homed network
  • We adopt hybrid model deployment approach, which connects two IPV6 networks
  • Dual stack routing that connects IPV4 and IPV6 over a single circuit
  • IPV6 ready

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